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Affa Fine Market for Affa Fine Beer


OGV Taproom attended the series of Affa Fine Markets last year. The ‘Affa Fine Open-Air Market’ was held between the Aberdeen Beach Links and Crathes for local companies from all over the North East to sell their products – Naturally we brought every beer we had!

And boy did you guys like what we had to offer! So much so, we had to increase our stock for the New Year. We were really impressed with how these events ran – the Affa Fine Market is a start up and it brought us so many new customers, we are still delighted with the outcome and can not wait to attend the next one! In the world we are currently living in, where events continued to be cancelled, a market like this is a fresh sense of normality. It is done very safely with every attendee and visitor having to register prior to arrival.

This market looks to promote and give platforms for local companies, like ourselves, to sell their products. There were all kinds of companies in attendance from areas such as food and drink, arts and crafts, home and garden, clothing and many more.

There was plenty of local companies in attendance at the market including Caramel Cakeaway, Granite City Fish, Aberdeenshire Highland Beef, The Highlander Café Bus, JC Browns Aberdeenshire and many more from all over the North East.

The range of companies from varying sectors means there is something for everyone as every stand you walk too will be something different. Including great beer - which can be found at the OGV Taproom stand!

Currently, we don’t know what 2021 will hold but we do know, you can count us in at the next Affa Fine Market!

Check out their website here: https://www.etiom.co.uk/affa-fine-open-air-market

Posted on Feb 05, 2021.