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Beer of the Month Cat Heads


Taproom would like to thank everyone for the huge success with our catalogue of well-crafted and tasty beers we released this year - Red Adair, Rig Pig and Blowout (available for purchase at the OGV Taproom website). With this we have decided to start a ‘Beer of the month’ blog on the website.

This month the ‘beer of the month’ just so happens to be ours! We are delighted to announce the brand new ‘Cat Heads’ beer. All of our previous beers have proved to be extremely popular, but we felt we were missing something – a lager.

Cat Heads will be the first lager produced by the OGV Taproom. Cat Heads is an easy drinking, up-scale lager that provides a short and light taste with an extra-pale colour. Despite being a light tasting beer it holds an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 4.5% which is sure to have a kick whilst being easy to drink – the perfect blend for any beer lovers.

Here at OGV Taproom we make sure each beer we produce is crafted with great taste and Cat Heads is no different. It has a German and American hop which provides a classic but modern experience – for anyone that does not know, the hop helps to keep a beer fresher for longer by retaining its foam, it is a key component of a beer's aroma and flavour.

Speaking of the aroma, this beer has a subtle pine and grapefruit smell . It is only minimal in the lager, but it is certainly noticeable and gives it a great taste. We describe the finish of the beer as ‘Medium dry with clean hops and nods of grapefruit.’ A really well-rounded lager - no wonder it's the beer of the month!

As part of the ‘Beer of the month’ blog we have decided to pick a potential food choice that we feel would pair well with the beer selected. As this month's beer (Cat Heads) is an easy drinking, light lager an excellent combination is spice! Some spicy chicken wings with the light beer to accompany it is the perfect mix! (Can also cool your mouth down for those who aren’t so good with the heat).

We are really looking forward to the future of OGV Taproom. We have some big plans in the works and have been thrilled with all the beers we have produced (and are producing!) so far. Cat Heads is another of our exciting ideas that we have been able to make a reality and everyone at OGV Taproom is delighted with the outcome.

Posted on Feb 05, 2021.