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Celebrating 1 Year of OGV Taproom

As we get ever closer to the opening of the OGV Taproom we have a look back at the past year and see how our idea and discussions between the team to create our own brand of beer and Taproom has come to life.

Following initial discussions in June 2020 the team seen completion of the OGV Taproom branding along with the first ever labels to go on the beers. Along with that the OGV Taproom website was also created.

With the slick branding and labels created we needed our first beers to be perfect to match it! In July of 2020 we had done just that with the release of Rig Pig and Blowout.

The month after seen the release of two more beers that are just as tasty – Red Adair and Copenhagen. The authentic Pilsner style lager of Copenhagen War Horse was created in collaboration with Glasgow based football team Glasgow Wellington FC.

In October of 2020 OGV Taproom seen the completion of the ‘Energy Collection’ as we released a lager by the name of Cat Heads and a stout called Blackballed. The Energy collection is made up of the beers which have names which are inspired by the energy sector – Red Adair, Blowout, Cat Heads, Blackballed and Rig Pig.

With Covid-19 affecting our ability to go out and speak to our customers face to face and sell our great beers previously, we were lucky enough to attend the Affa fine market in November 2020.

In December 2020 we created out first ever limited-edition products with Black Gold 1 and Black Gold 2, which were both whisky barrel aged beers. The same month was also the first month that we began putting work into getting the OGV Taproom up and running and we have since came a long way and cannot wait to open soon!

In January of 2021 we welcomed a new member to the OGV Taproom family. A cute little puppy named Barley Hops! OGV Taproom design plans were also approved this month which meant the work could really begin.

February 2021 seen the launch of the new cartoon collection of beers, an idea that everyone at OGV Taproom is very excited about.

The past year has not been easy for anyone, but we are really pleased with the progress that we have seen and we cannot wait to welcome you in to the OGV Taproom.

Posted on May 04, 2021.