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Limited Edition Black Gold


We have our first limited-edition beers! but you will have to be quick, as we will only be releasing one hundred of them, fifty ‘Black Gold 1’ and fifty ‘Black Gold 2.’

The names of all the current OGV Taproom beers come from well-known terms from within the energy sector. As for this one the name ‘Black Gold’ is used to describe crude oil. The name also refers to the colour of the beer which is a stout – known for its dark colour.

When looking for places to collaborate with we were selecting from the finest of whisky casks in Scotland. ‘Black Gold 1’ was matured in collaboration with Speyside cask and this stout has an ABV of 12.4% - a strong, tasty beer. ‘Black Gold 2’ was matured in a different area as it was in collaboration with Highland cask - it holds an ABV of 12.2%, slightly less than the first but still strong and still very tasty!

If you are quick enough to get your hands on one of these limited-edition stouts, they will be available at the beginning of 2021, and along with enjoying the tasty beer you will also be one of the few people who have these ‘Black Gold’ bottles – and they will not be re-released after the first 100 are gone. It really is a limited edition!

We are planning to continue these limited-edition beers as ‘Black Gold 3’, ‘Black Gold 4’ and so on. So, if you miss out on these first limited-edition beers you will have another chance to get your hands on some new releases in this style. Or, if your lucky you’ll be one of few who manages to collect the whole lot!

This is something we have worked hard on producing and we feel we have created two strong, great tasting beers. We wanted to introduce something new for our loyal customers and thought a limited-edition collection would be extra special.

As always, it will be available to purchase from the OGV Taproom website but be quick they won’t be around for long!

Posted on Feb 05, 2021.