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OGV Taproom X Aberdeen FC BOA


Everyone at OGV taproom is delighted to be a part of Aberdeen Football Club’s BOA (‘By Official Appointment’) scheme. The idea of it is to bring local businesses, like ourselves, to the Aberdeen Football Club fans. In line with BOA, we have created a great deal exclusively for the Aberdeen fans – teaming up with Burnside Brewery in the process.

The BOA involves many other companies from all around Aberdeen and is seen as a ‘win win’ for both Aberdeen fans and the local businesses that are signed up. The fans get access to special offers (you will hear about ours soon) and get to experience new products and businesses get the opportunity showcase their brand to a new audience.

The team at OGV Taproom have been working hard to create a deal that we feel would excite the Aberdeen fans who are a part of the BOA - and we feel we have done just that.

We are offering an exclusive trial of beer (worth £35) for free, all you have to pay is the delivery! The first month is £10, followed by monthly payments of £30 (all prices are inclusive of delivery charges) for 10 bottles of quality craft beers, delivered to your door. OGV Taproom has teamed up with a number of small independent local breweries, to bring you an exclusive pack of great quality craft beers, every month. So, what is included in the deal? Well each month 10 bottles of quality craft beers from both OGV Taproom and other local breweries, a free gourmet snack and merchandise will be delivered right to your door. We take real pride in producing only the best craft beers and this deal alongside the gourmet snack and merchandise for the price of just £30 is a no-brainer!

All members of the OGV Taproom team are looking for new ideas and ways to not only expand our brand but look to offer more to the current customers. This link up with Aberdeen FC and Burnside Brewery is just another step and we hope everyone is as excited about it as we are.

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Posted on Feb 05, 2021.