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Taproom is back with a brand-new beer!

Copenhagen has been released and is now available to buy from the OGV Taproom website. This beer has been created in collaboration with a football team launched in 2020– Glasgow Wellington FC.

The name of the new beer, Copenhagen War Horse, holds a lot of history and thought behind it – we created and named it in honour of the Duke of Wellington and his war horse, Copenhagen, which he famously rode into the battle of Waterloo. Glasgow Wellington FC have the famous statue as their team logo, also featuring the traffic cone that is often found placed upon the Dukes statue.

OGV Taproom is always looking for ways to expand and explore new opportunities and this brand-new beer is a perfect example of this. Copenhagen is an authentic pilsner style lager, the first of its kind in the OGV Taproom catalogue.

It contains an abundance of Czech and German hops which gives it a great and fresh taste. The beer is golden in colour with a ‘full bodied on the lighter side’ taste. It has a light floral aroma with a pale ale finish. It also happens to be our second strongest beer, behind Blowout (7.5% Alcohol by Volume ABV), with an ABV of 5%. It is currently available to buy from the OGV Taproom website in packs of 16 – and yes, it is as good as it sounds.

For the creation of this beer, we have joined forces with Glasgow Wellington FC, a team established in 2020 by four friends who have come together to make it happen. Despite being a new team, they are already doing great things – They have pledged to donate £5 for every shirt they sell and also £1 for every goal they score, with all of it going to the NHS.

They were on course to begin their journey in the SSMAFL Championship B league but with it being postponed due to COVID-19 they have only been able to play pre-season friendlies but they did record their first win at the beginning of October, scoring seven goals in the process. If they keep up those performances, they will be raising a lot of money for the NHS!

A part of this collaboration sees that Glasgow Wellington FC receive a share every time we sell a Copenhagen beer. We are delighted to have this collaboration really take off and we feel we have found the perfect fit with Glasgow Wellington FC and of course, the perfect beer to go along with it! You can purchase Copenhagen War Horse here: https://www.ogvtaproom.com/product/copenhagen-war-horse

Posted on Feb 08, 2021.