Welcome to the OGV family

Our Story

Controlling the flavour of a beer is much like controlling energy – it requires scientific knowhow, the right equipment and a bit of an appetite for adventure.

OGV Taproom has been developed by the team at OGV Energy, a well-established media group within the energy industry. Through the growth and development of OGV Energy, Director and staff members are lucky enough to travel to many different locations for industry events and brand development. It was on our travels we discovered a variety of craft beers and breweries across the world, sparking a desire to create our own brand back home, in Aberdeen.

OGV Taproom started with the idea of making one beer for promotional purposes, then in no time, we decided rather than one beer we would move forward and produce a whole range of beers. We started speaking to brewers and learning more and more about the industry and made the decision to go for it.

True to our roots, our first collection is inspired by the energy sector, with a mix of sharp, buzzing and electrifying flavours. Rig Pig, Blowout and Red Adair were the first to hit the market in 2020 followed by Cat Heads and Blackballed, with a further 3 more for the Energy Collection still in the “pipeline”.

Community is one of the core values here at OGV Taproom, we look forward to welcoming local producers, businesses, and organisations into the OGV family with our future collaborations. Contact us to collaborate.

All OGV Taproom beers are vegan with high quality, locally sourced produce. Order yours at ogvtaproom.com or shop local at our various stockists in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Local stockists include, Grape and Grain, Hop Shop, Inverurie Whiskey Shop, plus many more. Contact us to become a stockist.

OGV Taproom is all about fantastic flavours and eye-catching design. Some people would call it crazy to launch a brewery in the middle of a pandemic, but with adventure at the heart of our brand, we are always looking for the next challenge.

OGV Taproom aim to become a leading brewery in the Grampian area, along with Deeside brewery, Brewtoon and Burnside Brewery, to name a few.

At OGV Taproom, we encourage acts of kindness and motivate new experiences.

If you are looking to stock OGV beers? Contact Us