New Sh*t Hoppens Collection

OGV Taproom are delighted to announce a collection of brand-new core beers ‘Sh*t Hoppens’!

The idea behind these core beers is to be adventurous and focus on bold colours and classic flavours. These beers will be available in bottles and on tap at the new taproom all year round. The collection will also be based around the hops that we choose for each beer – hence the name ‘Sh*t Hoppens’!

The first two beers of this new core collection have been announced – the two of which are Northern Brewer and Golden Centennial.

Northern Brewer is a smooth drinking, golden lager which holds a touch of fruitiness that allows it to stand out from the other beers of this type.

Golden Centennial is a beer that is light, bright, and bursting with hoppiness. The extra pale ale will hit the spot all year round.

Both these lagers have an ABV of 4%.

A food pairing that would go great with the Golden Centennial is some nice chicken wings – as this is a pale ale that is light it can go really well with spice. However, if you are not one for spice just normal chicken wings go well with this beer too!

As for the Northern Brewer the food pairing, we would suggest trying would be duck! This type of beer goes great with light white meats and duck is one of the best of this kind – so why not give it a try.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a dessert a nice fruity dessert, like a fruit tart or chocolate-covered strawberries, would go great with this beer to match the touch of fruitiness that the Northern Brewer has.

Everyone at OGV Taproom is always looking for new ways to be innovative and we wanted a core collection of beers to be available for when the Taproom opened up. We cannot wait for our doors to open and for all our customers to come in and enjoy all our great beers in an equally great venue!

We are really pleased to be announcing another new range of beers and are excited about this new core collection! These beers will be available to purchase from the OGV Taproom website and in the Taproom when we get it up and running. Sh*t Hoppens – Have a Beer.